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Senior DevOps Delivery Engineer

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Role Overview

Senior DevOps Delivery Engineer is responsible for orchestrating the deployment process of software solutions into client environments (STG and PROD), their configuration, technical administration and maintenance. Role is also responsible for creating necessary delivery, monitoring and maintenance tooling required for optimal operations of service in production environments.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Organize service deployment process & ensure that required dependencies are resolved for the deployment;
  • Assist in developing and implementing a deployment plan;
  • Analyze and troubleshoot deployment issues in a timely manner;
  • Communicate with Release Manager and DEV team to gather required information for the release, including all technical and configuration change log;
  • Collaborate with System Engineers to define software stack setup and configuration;
  • Collaborate with System Engineers to establish sustainable operations regarding system monitoring and notifications, log management and regular maintenance activities;
  • Provide monitoring, interventions tools for L1/L2/NOC teams;
  • Create troubleshooting guides and KB articles for L1/L2/NOC teams;
  • Provide infrastructure support for DEV teams;
  • Collaborate with DEV team to advocate implementation of better application health monitoring and health assessment mechanisms;
  • Manage the automation of CI/CD/Release pipelines;
  • Manage service infrastructure setup and configuration;
  • Manage deployments and environment maintenance;
  • Measure production system performance;
  • Early detection of possible service malfunctions and/or possible service damage;
  • Take ownership of critical product support process (P1/P2 incident management and severe problem management), provide incident reports and sanity action plan;
  • Manage service configuration;
  • Handle configuration versioning and consistency;
  • Create and maintain service maps;
  • Identify unused services & manage their efficient decommission and discontinuation;
  • Related duties as assigned.


Working Experience:

  • 3+ years Experience with Infrastructure as a code and CI/CD automation tools (Ansible, Salt, Chef, AWS Cloud Formation,  GitHub Actions
  • 3+ years Experience with Infrastructure as a code and CI/CD automation tools (Ansible, Salt, Chef, AWS Cloud Formation)
  • Hands-on experience in various high level scripting technologies for creating CI/CD pipelines (YAML, bash, Python)

Standard Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of the basics of DevOps;
  • Proficiency in Linux administration (specifically Ubuntu);
  • Knowledge of Web Services & APIs;
  • Proficiency in Chrome dev tools;
  • Basic knowledge of SQL;
  • Basic knowledge of Docker;
  • Basics of Monitoring and Log management tools usage and configuration;
  • Solid knowledge application Configuration Management;
  • Basic knowledge of scripting languages and tools (bash, python, awk etc);
  • Solid knowledge of API clients such as Postman;
  • Knowledge of English language.

Preferable Qualifications:

  • Any experience as Java Developer will be considered as advantage.
  • Development or Systems Engineering background;
  • Solid knowledge of CI/CD practices;
  • Advance knowledge in GitHub Actions;
  • Experience in SQL;
  • Knowledge of network architecture and security principles;
  • Advanced knowledge of web/application servers (Apache, NGinx, Jetty, Wildfly, Kestrel);
  • Solid understanding of virtualization and containers technology used in our stack;
  • Advanced knowledge of Docker/Kubernetes;
  • Advanced knowledge of scripting languages and tools (bash, python, awk etc);
  • Advanced knowledge of SQL;
  • Experience in HashiCorp Consul, Vault products;
  • Experience with Ansible;
  • Experience with Prometheus, Grafana;
  • Proficiency in PromQL, ability to build custom dashboards in Grafana;
  • Advanced knowledge of Jenkins;
  • Knowledge of Groovy, ability to build custom Jenkins pipelines;
  • Advanced knowledge of Atlassian tools (Confluence/JIRA);
  • Knowledge of ITSM frameworks;
  • Experience using a CMDB

Personal Attributes

  • Excellent comprehension skills;
  • Sharp mind, fast thinker;
  • Troubleshooting/Problem-solving skills;
  • Multitasking skills;
  • Proactiveness.


  • Competitive compensation & benefits package;
  • Career and professional advancement;
  • Training and learning opportunities – Online Learning Portals, Public Lectures, Conferences;
  • Insurance package;
  • International work experience;
  • Travel opportunity;
  • Outstanding working environment;
  • Relocation Opportunity.

Why you should apply

We nurture a teamwork environment where ideas are communicated, and knowledge sharing is encouraged. We appreciate the talent and inspire constant self-improvement. We constantly search for progressive thinkers, creative doers, game-changers, visionaries, and groundbreakers who never settle for mediocrity.

Senior DevOps Delivery Engineer

  • Skopje, North Macedonia
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