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Nurturing Growth: Empowering Careers and Team Dynamics at Flutter International

06 FEBRUARY 2024

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At Flutter International, where opportunities arise at every corner, the journey of career development and team transitions unfolds as an enriching experience. Through the lens of Joao Tomas, an experienced member of our workforce, we gain valuable insights into the support system that underpins our commitment to talent cultivation and career development.

Joao was born in a town close to Lisbon, Portugal. He joined PokerStars in 2020 as part of the Customer Support Team. In 2021 he moved to the Tech team. And today Joao is ready for his next development step, a promotion which transitions him to the Key Account Manager (KAM) team, where he will be working with our VIP players.

“I began my journey in Customer Support in 2020 for PokerStars and transitioned to the Tech team by 2021”, he recounts. Such transitions are facilitated seamlessly, with dedicated support and guidance available to employees at every stage of their career evolution. Joao's relocation to Bulgaria in 2020 further underscores our commitment to facilitating smooth relocations and ensuring employees feel supported throughout their moving abroad journey. “I had everything set up and all I needed to do was be there in person. I had someone along the way throughout the entire process. There weren't any questions that I had that were not answered throughout this process” remembers Joao.

He reflects, “In other places, you might face restrictions or limited growth prospects.” This sentiment emphasizes the vast array of opportunities available within Flutter International, where individuals get encouraged to refine their skills and carve out unique paths within their current, or different teams, than the ones they originally started at.

Support for team changes is deeply ingrained in our company culture. “My team leader was saddened to see me leave, but she supported my decision”, Joao shares. Such actions support  our commitment to fostering collaboration and facilitating mobility across departments and brands. Opportunities for advancement arise each day, with colleagues and team leaders actively identifying suitable internal roles for individuals. “Even if I didn’t actively seek opportunities in other teams within Flutter, someone would inform me”, Joao remarks.

Reflecting on his journey, Joao offers practical advice to aspiring employees. “Take it one day at a time and strive for continuous improvement” he advises. Embracing the learning process, seeking guidance from experienced colleagues, and leveraging internal networks are key tenets of success within the company. “As long as you are prepared to be there and take action, you’re a good fit for the company and you will have fun here” is another thing that Joao mentions.

While remote work at Flutter International offers convenience, Joao emphasizes the value of in-person collaboration. “Feedback is crucial for my role, and it’s easier to obtain in an office setting”, he notes. Even after a couple of years with us he would still prefer to work in our newly renewed office, rather than working from home. 

Working from the office can bring loads of new connections and feedback in one’s way. The essence of our workplace lies in the connections that one can create-both in person and through communication channels. Joao supports this by stating: “The best part about working here is how one can make connections in person and through our communication channels, this is a great benefit to have and could turn to good friends and people who can be useful for you and your future.”

As we continue to prioritize talent development and team support, we encourage every member of our workforce to embark on a journey of growth and collaboration. Together, we will navigate the ever-changing landscape of our industry, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and development. With each talent mobility and team change, we follow on our dedication to nurturing talent, fostering an environment where individuals can thrive, and teams can flourish.


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