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Unleashing the Power of Learning and Development @ Flutter International

10 JANUARY 2024


At Flutter International we are passionate about fostering an environment that not only encourages career growth but empowers individuals to steer their professional destiny. At the heart of this commitment lies our robust Learning and Development (L&D) program - a cornerstone in our mission to elevate personal and professional skills. In line with a core value of ours - Empower and Own, the program is designed to grant our talented employees the autonomy to choose their own path of development and growth. This learning program not only fuels upskilling, but also installs a culture of continuous learning, bringing a dynamic blend of new knowledge and innovation.

External & internal learning opportunities

As part of our L&D program, employees can amplify their skills and knowledge through both external and internal learning opportunities. Aligned with our value of empowerment, the external learning offering allows our talents to handpick a program that resonates with their aspirations and goals. With a generous annual budget of £2000 (or the equivalent in local currency), employees have the flexibility to utilize the fund in a lump sum or distribute it across various learning avenues.

Bozhidar Petkov, an Agile Delivery Lead based in the Sofia office of Flutter International, emphasizes the critical importance of making informed decisions when using the L&D budget. "The knowledge I gain through the L&D program not only enhances my professional capabilities, but also contributes positively to the company," affirms Bozhidar. This sentiment reflects the essence of our commitment - to bridge the gap between personal development and organizational growth.

Illustrating of the real-time impact of our L&D program is the story of several employees who opted for an MBA program from a leading business institution in Bulgaria. Divided into two semesters, the program covers vital aspects of business, management, and leadership, including finance, marketing, and innovation projects. Simeon Dobrev, a Senior Manager in Fraud Operations, attests to the program's value, stating, "It not only met my expectations but exceeded them. I went there with a basic knowledge on some of the topics and expected that there would be repetitions and irrelevant information, however my expectations were smashed on the second day."

Bozhidar Petkov

Bozhidar Petkov - Agile Delivery Lead / Flutter International

Dedicated learning 'Power hours'

The L&D program's provision of 4 monthly dedicated 'Power hours' for self-development during work is a game changer for those juggling professional and personal commitments. Kaloyan Kosev, a Head of Platform Services and Data Tech Delivery, shares that the program "can benefit people who already have families and find it challenging to find some extra personal time for learning", therefore making it flexible for everyone.

The success stories about the program continue to unfold, with employees like Irina Naydenova, an Operations Area Manager, emphasizing the importance of skill development in the face of a fast-evolving industry. "Constant upgrading and new skills are required, and there must be ways to catch up and grow," asserts Irina. What sets Flutter International apart is the creation of a culture that embraces continuous development, upskilling, and the enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge. This Flutter mindset combined with the internal motivation within colleagues recommending courses to each other and sharing their positive experiences and learning paths stimulates even more engagement and commitment.

Flexible options for everyone

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of our industry, Flutter International remains steadfast in its commitment to providing unparalleled L&D opportunities. Therefore, the budget is flexible and can be used for variety of occasions - conferences, learning courses, specialisations, and events that employees find relatable and important for their professional and personal development. With the L&D budget at their disposal, employees embark on a transformative journey, building a future where growth knows no bounds.

From dedicated work hours for learning and flexibility of choice, through to access to learning platforms, career consultation, and internal and external learning resources, we are well-equipped to back our employees up on their development journey.

In the world of Flutter International, learning isn't just a phase; it's a way of life - a testament to our dedication to nurturing a workforce that thrives on the constant pursuit of excellence.

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